Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love Notes & The Romantics

So a couple days late, here are the valentines.

I got the idea from this post for thank you notes on Design*Sponge. This was a great way to make use of the surplus of cardboard boxes I have from too much online shopping. After I painted them I drew the design with a pencil and then punched holes with a push pin. The backs were a mess after I did the stitching so I used double-stick tape to attach card stock and wrote a little note on the back. I think these turned out really cute, but they were a little time consuming.

Also just in time for the big V-Day, I received The Romantics from Netflix. The only time I ever heard of this movie was when Elijah Wood was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon promoting it. From that I sensed it was probably not good, and it was meh. However, I had to go for it because Adam Brody is in it, and I make an attempt to love everything he does. Yes, I even watched In the Land of Women. Love knows no bounds.

 The premise was good. A group of college friends attend their friends' wedding. The groom (Josh Duhamel) dated the maid of honor (Katie Holmes) for five years before he proposes to her roommate (Anna Paquin). The group supposedly got the nickname the romantics because of their "incestuous dating history", but let's be honest it's not quite vulgar enough to be believable as college nickname. And the rest of the movie was just that, not quite believable.

In the behind the scenes extra, Katie Holmes said the movie was supposed to modern version of Saint Elmo's Fire. Well, no wonder. This is what I thought of Saint Elmo's Fire.

And I was disappointed there was no fire.