Friday, April 27, 2012

Portfolio Photos

One thing I am very grateful for is to be surrounded by incredibly talented, creative people. Elizabeth Litchford has been a dear friend, and over the past few years I've watched her become a fantastic photographer with Liz Litchford Photography. I was lucky enough to be able to trade with her my design work with for some portfolio photos. 

These are already up on my website. I'm so impressed with them!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playlist of the Week: A Very Green Spring

1. New York City- Among Savages
2. I Would Do Anything for You- Foster the People
3. Old & Gray- Maps & Atlases
4. The Freedom Song- Jason Mraz
5. You Can Be the One- Late Night Alumni
6. Gun Has No Trigger- Dirty Projectors
7. Glorified High- Sarah Jaffe
8. My Love- the bird and the bee
9. Junk of the Heart (Happy)- The Kooks
10. Hey Jane- Spiritualized
11. Glowing in the Dark- Cider Sky
12. Walking Home- We Are Serenades

I don't remember having a spring in Oklahoma that was ever this green. I really think it impacts how I feel. So here's my spring, green, happy playlist. It's one of my favorites. A lot of these songs came from All Songs Considered on NPR. If you haven't ever listened I'd recommend it. I was surprised by the variety of music they play. Truthfully, they're just music nerds, and it's awesome.

You can listen to A Very Green Spring here on Spotify.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

oh no

J. Crew has a tumblr, Try not to get lost; it's a vast land of wonderfulness. Also They did my playlist work for me this week. Thanks JC!

 Kevin, visual virtuoso: Sharon Van Etten, “Serpents

Emily, superstar stylist: “Bill Withers, Ain’t No Sunshine”

Travis, window design wonder: Robyn, “Call Your Girlfriend”

Aaron, our denim go-to: Crystal Fighters, “At Home”

Catherine, web design whiz: Diane Birch, “Speak a Little Louder”

Eldia, visual virtuoso: Jessi J, “Domino”

Kate, embellishments expert: Lana Del Rey, “Born to Die”

Janine, window design wonder: Dr. Dog, “Shame Shame”

Lauren, resident wordsmith: Bossacucanova, “Bom Dia Rio”

Liv, accessories authority: Gotye, “Hearts a Mess”

 So I created a playlist on Spotify. You can listen to it here. "Speak a Little Louder" by Diane Birch wasn't available, but it reminded me of how much I loved her. So I included her 2009 album, Bible Belt. Enjoy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Playlist of the Week: Just the Music Please

I wish all the time that I was more at ease with silence, but especially when I'm working on something I need sound. Whether it's music, podcasts, or television in the background for some strange reason it helps me concentrate. The downside though is that sometimes I get overwhelmed. The perfect audible palate cleanser? Instrumental music. Specifically soundtracks. It plays perfectly in the background because it was made to be in the background. It enhances but doesn't distract. Perfect.

1. The King's Speech- Alexandre Desplat
I only recently saw this movie. I was actually really excited that it was playing last year on our 14 hour flight from Paris to Dallas, but I fell asleep. It may be a little slow moving, but it's an incredible story. Best tracks: The King's Speech, My Kingdom, My Rules, and Queen Elizabeth.

2. A Single Man- Abel Korzeniowski
I'm on a bit of a Colin Firth kick here, but I'll roll with it. This soundtrack is undeniable. It's hauntingly beautiful. Best tracks: Stillness of the Mind and Daydreams.

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox- Alexandre Desplat
I love this movie and the soundtrack is so much like the movie, whimsical without being childlike. It's so much fun to listen to. Best tracks: Mr. Fox in the Fields Medley, Trains, Kristofferson, and Mr. & Mrs. Fox.

4. Pride & Prejudice- Jean-Yves Thibaudet
I probably have to credit this soundtrack for opening my eyes to this genre. With the exception of "The Militia Marches In" and the like, the music here is perfectly soothing. Best tracks: Dawn, The Living Sculptures of Pemberley, Liz on Top of the World, and Your Hands are Cold.

5. Downton Abbey- Chamber Orchestra of London
The best for last. I think what makes soundtracks so much more compelling than other instrumental music is the connection to the movie (or BBC series in this case). I can't hear "The Suite" without seeing the opening credits in my mind. Best tracks: The Suite, Emancipation, Fashion, and An Ideal Marriage.

You can listen to the entire playlist here on Spotify.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Color April

A little late due to internet issues at home and my own indecisiveness. For this month's desktop wallpaper I've included an image from my new coloring book. That's right. I purchased this coloring book with every intention of giving to a little girl for her 5th birthday, but withing 30 seconds of opening it I had already started coloring. In my defense it is the coolest coloring book ever. The quality is incredible too. It's at least an inch thick with a really sturdy cover. I purchased it on Amazon. They had the lowest price.

My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for Drawing, Creating, and Dreaming
By: Nina Chakrabarti

The desktop wallpaper for April can be downloaded here.