Monday, March 12, 2012

Playlist of the Week: JM Love

This will be no one's favorite playlist (except mine). I have always been a John Mayer fan, and I hate having to defend my position. People hate and/or have strong feelings against this man, probably because he's a jerk. I don't know him and would like to think that he's not a jerk, but based on what comes out of his mouth...

Nevertheless he is a musician, and he is terribly good at it. I first saw him in concert about a year and a half ago in Tulsa. Hands down it was the best concert I've ever seen. My brother and I got tickets to see him again in Thackerville this Friday. So I was pretty bummed to read this announcement that his tour has been cancelled. It's disappointing, but what's most important is that he gets healthy and keeps making music. As tribute to JM these are my favorite songs of his.

To be honest if this album was released today I would not like it, and it's miles away from the kind of music he makes today. Most of what keeps me coming back these songs is high school nostalgia.

1. Back To You
2. Neon
3. No Such Thing
4. Love Song For No One

I'm not generally crazy about live albums, but this is the only album Covered In Rain is on. It's over ten minutes long, but I love every second.

5. Covered In Rain

This is where it started to get good.

6. Home Life
7. Split Screen Sadness
8. Only Heart
9. Wheel

I still go back and forth between Continuum and Battle Studies as my favorite JM album. Continuum was a surprise in the best possible way. The maturity and soul in this album is undeniable.

10. I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
11. Vultures
12. Stop This Train
13. Gravity
14. Heart of Life

I was not a big fan of Battle Studies at first. I was still holding on to the bluesy sound of Continuum. It really wasn't until I heard him preform it live that I really fell in love with it. To me this album is John Mayer being John Mayer, not JM being pop or JM being blues. The influence is there, but the result is all his own.

15. War Of My Life
16. Assassin
17. Half Of My Heart
18. Edge Of Desire

It's a beautiful, honest song, and it gives me hope for what is to come next.

19. Shadow Days

You can listen to the entire playlist here on Spotify.

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